Veasu Lee Mikdash, Make for Me a Holy Place


The words are from the Biblical Book of Exodus 25:8. The melody is by Debbie Friedman, of blessed memory, who wrote it at the request of Rabbi Stuart Kelman, Founding Rabbi of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, California

Ve’asu, ve’asu lee, ve’asu lee meekdash,

Veshachantee, veshachantee, veshachantee betocho.

And make, and make for me, and make for me a holy place,

And I, and I, and I will dwell therein.

Sing twice in Hebrew, twice in English, etc.

In circle facing into the center and without holding hands. Walk slowly into the center raising hands and singing “Ve’asu, ve’asu lee, ve’asu lee meekdash.” Walk out, bringing the hands down and folding them over the heart while singing “Veshachantee, veshachantee, veshachantee betocho.” Repeat.

Walk counter clockwise in the line of direction raising hands singing “And make, and make for me, and make for me a holy place.” Lower hands with palms facing down singing “And I, and I, and I will dwell therein.” Repeat.

End in a circle with hands on shoulders sidestepping and singing Hebrew twice and then English twice.