Dayenu for Abuse Survivors

Alternative Dayenu

In Hopes of Freedom From Abuse For All


Author unknown.

References to men’s suffering added by Rabbi Pamela Frydman

Click here for an alternative that honors women and children.


Sometimes, we cannot say Dayenu.
Women have the right to say, “No, this is not enough, I will not settle for this.”

Sometimes, we wish we could say Dayenu. What would be enough?

When women can make choices about our own bodies and our own lives, Dayenu

When courts, law enforcement and mental health professionals stop blaming the victim,

When children do not have to witness violence, misogyny,

or any abuse in the their own familes,


When the Jewish community protects abuse survivors,


When our voices are listened to and believed without judgment or question,


When money and power can no longer protect abusers,


When the community focuses on stopping the abusers instead of blaming us for staying,


When Jewish law and secular law can guarantee women and children’s right to safety,


When every Jewish woman can find true shalom bayit,


When men who are in danger can also be safety,



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