Towards a New Cosmopoetics of World Citizenship

An Evening of Breaking Boxes

Towards a New Cosmopoetics of World Citizenship

by Ananta Kumar Giri © 2015

It has been an evening of breaking boxes

not of breaking news

Your lectures on cosmopolitanism

and world citizenship

have broken our many boundaries

between states and faiths

rivers and the sky

I now rush to touch the river

beyond the trap of my social security number

Each breaking

is a moment of awakening

You say citizenship is work and meditation

With beauty, dignity and dialogues

I now pause

have patience and realize

I can start my work and meditations

right at this moment

My work and meditation

is part of an ecology of hope

Hope not only falls from the sky

It is born out of our strivings

Bio-aesthetic strivings and spiritual strivings

Hope work

With and beyond the landscape

of despair

a new self-making

Foundations for a new community

A new science and spirituality

A new cosmopolitanism as part of a new cosmology of being

A new cosmopoesis of citizenship

A new cosmopoesis of our world

Kissing grandeur in each other

In our sour sweet lips


Annapolis, November 6, 2015