Pam 2015 with short hair 1Pam Frydman serves in management at B’nai David-Judea in Los Angeles. She also coordinates the Save Us from Genocide and Beyond Genocide campaigns, which earned a 2016 Global Citizen Award from the United Nations Association, East Bay Chapter.

In addition, she chairs Ruach Hiddush for religious freedom and equality in Israel. Previously, she served as founding co-chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall.

Rabbi Pam was the founding rabbi of Or Shalom Jewish Community in San Francisco, where she piloted a training program for teens to become religious school teachers and role models for younger children. She created a Torah study model for adults to promote lay leadership in teaching and studying Torah. She also founded a religious education model based on self-motivation and love of learning.

She is a leader in the Jewish Renewal Movement and was the first woman president of OHALAH, the international association of Jewish Renewal rabbis and cantors. She is a founder of Shalom Bayit, Jewish Women Working to End Domestic Violence, and co-founder of Shalom Bayit’s Rabbinic Advisory Council. She served on the Organizing Committee of Beyond Silence, a campaign to raise consciousness about abuse in the San Francisco Bay Area. She designed the “Protecting our Youth” website for the Board of Rabbis of Northern California and was a contributing editor of the “Combatting Child and Teen Sexual Abuse” site for Jewish Learning Works.

She directed a multi-year Holocaust Education Project for the Academy for Jewish Religion, California. She has authored Holocaust short stories and is working on a book.

She has taught and led in Reform, Conservative and Renewal congregations, including the Aquarian Minyan of Berkeley, where she was a founding member, and she recently served as Interim Rabbi of Congregation Pnai Tikvah, a Reconstructionist congregation in Las Vegas.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University in linguistics and psychology and rabbinic ordination from B’nai Or Religious Fellowship, predecessor to the ALEPH Ordination Program. Subsequent to ordination, she served on the Rabbinic Cabinet for academic oversight of her alma mater.

Prior to entering the rabbinate, she studied other faiths and paths, including Sufism, Buddhism and Theosophy. She continues to teach in Sufi Ruhaniat International, she leads Dances of Universal Peace and she is a teacher in the Inayati-Maimuni Order founded by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, of blessed memory.

She is the author of Calling on God, Sacred Jewish Teachings for Seekers of All Faiths and a number of prayer books.